About 264 Jewelry

These beautiful one of a kind art works are one of a kind sculptures, wearable and made for the unique women of today!
With a history of art and design that spans more than 20 years and a celebrity clientele celebrating the spirit of women through his acclaimed Destiny Collection, the world-renowned artist Nicholas Price has now created his next collection for the new generation of powerful women celebrating  Her spirit, Her beauty and Her destiny!

264 Jewelry is a couture collection of jewelry pieces also known in the art world as wearable sculptures, and are made predominantly from the now-fashionable-again-aluminum metal. Prior collections have included silver, gold, platinum and other semi-precious metals by special order. Since 2001, the custom jewelry has been made available to the public through the artist's special artful soirée's and events.
The idea started when at the end of every year, the artist would release a collection of the individually designed pieces mainly crafted from aluminum and brass (his signature metals for his sculpture) and make them available to his clientele.

Today the Destiny Jewelry Collection has been extended and is encompassed under the 264 Jewelry brand.

About acclaimed artist Nicholas Price
Nicholas Price has been commissioned by, and has collaborated with, many prestigious entities over the span of his artistic career, including Fortune 500 Companies. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Boston Globe, L.A. Times, USA Today - Life, Unique Homes Magazine, National News, and KNPR- National Radio.

Commissions include major public art sculptures and several private luxury developments, fine art photography commissions by Fortune 100 Companies and acquisitions by collectors and other institutions, notably the United States Library of Congress.
His Destiny jewelry is owned by many powerful women, including Dr. Jane Goodall, Keeley Shaye Brosnan as well as women in business and major art institutions.

Nicholas Price's art, sculpture and photography collections have been published in several different books; his work exhibited at key events and respected institutions throughout America including the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, The Springs Preserve, National Museum of the US Air Force, Library of Congress, Lloyd D. George Federal Building, International House of Blues, and  Neiman Marcus.
His work is collected in more than 35 countries.
Official website: www.NicholasPrice.com

Key Executives

Grace Windsor: CEO
Grace is the co-creator of the 264 Jewelry brand in and exclusive agreement with acclaimed artist Nicholas Price.
"I bring over 25 years’ experience in business, finance, artist management, media and marketing in the global art collecting, business and partnership markets with Fortune 50 companies to ensure that with the  fantastic team of men and women who believe in the message of empowerment for every human is communicated through the enjoyment, beauty and exclusivity of these beautiful artworks"

Tanya Fendi
Brand Marketing & Business Development at 264Jewelry.com
Tanya handles all branding, partnership and global marketing initiatives
"My experience is in working with the worldwide markets, luxury brand partners and dealing with VIP client’s services in the worlds of high fashion, art and jewelry. I am able to bring all my experiences to the table in being part of the dynamic team that has helped established 264 Jewelry, and look forward to the future with exciting brand based and sales projects we have under development!"

Media & Events
The 264 Jewelry and Destiny Collections have been featured in major media articles and high end events including the exclusive Nicholas Price Artful soirées.

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